Training Programs

Training Programs

Workout Teams – $25/Month

This is a continuing workout that is updated regularly. There are multiple different teams based on what style of training you are looking for. Your workout results are shared with me, but not with the others on the team, unless you choose to make them public. You can, however, communicate with others on the team, offer encouragement, share stories or beer pictures. Kind of like making new friends at the brewery!

Private Teams – $35/Month

Just like the above teams, but you’re in control of who joins, limit it to friends, families or co-workers. Must be at least 4 or more people to create a private team.

Custom Made Plans – $75

Don’t see a program that fits your needs? Let me know! I’ll work with you to create the perfect program for you, based on what your goals are, what equipment you have access to, and what days you want to train.

We will have 2 virtual chat sessions (Zoom/Instagram Chat) the first will be for me to get a good idea of exactly what you are looking for in your custom training program. After I have made your program, I’ll reach back out and we will go over how it is set-up, and double check that everything looks good and is to your standards.

Program will be 4-6 weeks based on your goals and what you are looking to accomplish.

Online Virtual Coaching

All of the plans come with access to the TrainHeroic app, video demonstrations for each exercise, instructions for each day, and helpful tips and substitutions ideas in case you need to make a quick swap of an exercise. There is also a chat feature available inside of the TrainHeroic app which will allow you to ask some questions, and send videos of your exercises if you would like a quick form check.

Nutritional Coaching – $95/month

I’ll help you make sure we’re hitting the balance you need so you can still lose weight, while you enjoy your favorite beer!

We will do about a 30 minute video chat (Zoom/Instagram Video Chat) so that I can ask you some questions and help establish your caloric goals.

Your caloric goals will be dropped into your training calendar on TrainHeroic, and updated weekly. We will be able to keep in contact through the TrainHeroic Chat feature as long as you are doing nutritional coaching.

Additional Coaching

If you need more than just a plan to follow and are looking for more in-depth coaching and accountablility.

Level 1 – $45/4 weeks

Weekly text chats (Through TrainHeroic or Instagram) for accountability, suggestions for exercise substitutions and modifications. You can send videos to go over your exercise form and allow me to offer visual feedback as needed. Two 20 minute virtual meetings. (Zoom/Instagram Video Chat) We’ll use these to answer any questions you might have, talk you through the upcoming program, and make sure you are staying on track.